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The powerful instant payment is now available for international companies in Brazil

Operating for only a few months, Pix has already become one of the main methods of payment and transfer in the country. Get closer to your Brazilian clients with the local methods of payment. Process Pix payments in Brazil, even with a global presence.

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We have arrived at the Pix Era. Be part of this revolution!

Pix is the new and revolutionary form of payment in the Brazilian market. Created by the Central Bank of Brazil (BC), Pix allows payments and transfers in few seconds, at any time and any day – even on the weekends and holidays. It is more agile, practical, and safer for financial transactions in Brazil.

Real-time payment confirmation

Real-time payment confirmation

The payment is confirmed, and the balance is available in up to 10 seconds.

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Security for you and your clients

Security for you and your clients

The Pix operations are made directly through the Central Bank of Brazil (BC); besides that, Gerencianet has its own safety mechanisms.

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High adherence among consumers

High adherence among consumers

Pix is available in the main financial apps, which the users have already been using.

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Lower operating cost

Lower operating cost

Pix is more economical than the other means of payments used in Brazil, such as credit cards and bank slips.

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How Pix works

  • The client selects Pix as the payment method.
  • The client uses the QR Code reader in their bank app.
  • The payment confirmation will be sent to the client, and the balance will be available to the company in real-time.
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Opportunity for global companies

A new emerging payment method. A new opportunity for global companies in expansion.

Pix popularity has been increasing in Brazil. In three months of operation, the number of Pix transactions went from 33 million to 200 million (Source: Bacen, 2021). According to the Central Bank of Brazil (BC) there are 46.4 million Brazilian consumers who are using the Pix platform – a number that represents 48% of the economically active population in the country.

Now, international companies can offer Pix to their Brazilian clients with Gerencianet. Be ready to offer the best experience in payment and to expand the number of clients in Brazil.

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Accept Pix in Brazil with Gerencianet

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A payment institution authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil, Gerencianet is also a direct participant and one of the co-creators of the Pix. Since the beginning, we participated in the workgroup responsible for the implementation of the Pix and helped the Central Bank with the creation of the method.

Therefore, we are responsible for the transactions liquidity via Pix directly in the Instant Payment System (SPI). We have worked since the first definitions to make available a new payment method that is safe, efficient, economical, and, of course, instant.

Ícone Pix
A direct participant
Ícone instituição
An institution
authorized by BACEN
Ícone calendário
13 years
in the market
Ícone transação
About R$ 8,5 billion
in transactions
in 2020
Ícone requisições
More than 350 million requisitions in the API
Ícone medalha
GPTW 2020
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